The electrical department of our store is vast and varied and over the years has earned us the reputation of being something of an ‘Aladdin’s cave’. Our customers are often shocked but pleasantly surprised when they find that rather random or obscure item that they have been searching for for ages.

Being one of the largest and most varied retail stockists of light bulbs in the country means our customers come from far and wide to get their specialist light bulbs. With over 600 different types, from the good old-fashioned 100w light bulb to the most cutting edge LED’s, whether your tastes are modern or traditional we can help to brighten up your life!

If it is more portable light that you are after then you are bound to find something to suit you amongst our huge range of torches. Large or small, battery operated or rechargeable, with professional high quality brands like Led Lenser and Maglite in stock, we have something for every purpose.

Need to set up your TV or home entertainment system? Bad signal strength or rubbish sound quality? Stocking a vast array of Vivanco audio cables, TV aerials and brackets and a huge range of electrical and audio adapters we can fix your sound and image issues in no time. We also stock a variety of cables on the drum. Sold by the metre you can buy as much or as little as you require for your job. So if you’re fixing a lamp, extending your speakers or installing a new cooker we can help.

If you are looking for great sound quality then our selection of Roberts and Pure DAB radios are definitely something to make a song and dance about! Attractive and user friendly we are happy to demonstrate any models and even set them up for you before you take them home. Why not check out our headphone section too? With many different styles to suit your needs, whether for your TV, radio or even mobile phone we’ve got a great selection.

Our security section and while-you-wait key cutting service has everything you need to make your home or business safe and secure. Stocking security cameras and automatic lighting to help secure the outside of your property, safes and cashboxes to keep your valuables tucked away and Chubb locks and Squire padlocks to keep everything locked up tight, we’ve got your peace of mind covered.

Specialist batteries can be hard to find. With over 100 different types in stock, whether it’s the kid’s toys slowing down or your cordless phone cutting you off, we can give you the power back…

However, if the batteries don’t fix the problem with your cordless phone, then maybe its time to invest in a new one? With top quality brands like Panasonic and BT in stock, we have everything from traditional corded models to digital cordless sets, including multiple handset systems to make communication easier no matter where you are in your property.

If handy gadgets are your style, then our choice of Victorinox penknives and Leatherman multi-tools will be right up your street. If you are a tradesman, fishing enthusiast or just have a love of the great outdoors, these pocket companions can help you out of all sorts of sticky situations.

So whatever your electrical needs, come in today and our experienced staff will help you get up and running in no time.

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